Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

In 1994, Ruthie Hardee noticed that she could not get enough pressure through her hands alone to give her larger, more muscular clients a proper deep tissue massage. Realizing that her legs could provide the needed pressure, she developed the Ashiatsu technique using her bare feet. The broader surfaces of her feet coupled with the more powerful muscles of her legs allowed for a very powerful massage without the level of discomfort usually associated with traditional deep tissue techniques.

At Health Impact, we use a fusion of AOBT and traditional deep tissue techniques to give you a personalized massage experience that is tailored specifically to your body. Each client receives a personal consultation to ensure a massage that is customized especially for you. Whether you need area-specific muscular healing or a relaxing way to de-stress, you won't want this session to end.

Rates (effective Oct. 1 2014)

  • 30 minutes $55

  • 60 minutes $85

  • 90 minutes $105

  • 120 minutes $135

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Additional Services

Indian Head Massage

This is based on the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurdic Traditional medicine developed in native India and uses oils and herbs to help facilitate healing.

Hot Stone Massage

A specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones; often made of basalt: a black, volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well.

Body Polish / Salt Glow

This treatment is an intense form of skin rejuvenation. Your skin will thank you for the experience!
$15 additional charge